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by Tools and Gear on November 24, 2021
Hand tools are essential gadgets for everyday jobs and are much needed to complete numerous useful tasks. They are versatile and some of them are precisely used for certain specific jobs. Tools and Gears, an online store meets all your day-to-day requirements with ease. They have quality products from the best-selling brands that are durable and consistent. Impress your colleagues on the job site with the striking array of exclusive tools from tools and gear.
Tools have been used by mankind for ages but what’s interesting is their transformation to suit particular jobs that have to be completed precisely. Hand tools are the extensions of one's own hands. It is important one understands the guidelines for hand tool safety merely to simplify the task and to prevent unnecessary accidents. Moreover, using a tool incorrectly not only damages the tool or even cause the tool to fail, but causes a delay in completing the job.
Some of the vital guidelines to be followed before handling these important gadgets are listed below.
Know your Tool Very Well
Using the right tool for the intended task is the first step in the safe use of a hand tool. Tools come in various shapes, sizes and lengths and are designed for specific needs. e.g. screwdrivers of different lengths, pliers with different head shapes, etc. Using any tool inappropriately cause harm to both the user and the tool itself. So it is mandatory to select the appropriate tool to perform the job accurately and safely.
Tools and Gears have them all for you. Quality hand tools are durable. One must treat the tool with care and respect. Importance of Using Insulated Tools
Hand tools are often used in amalgamation with lockout tag systems to ensure that the circuits are not live and are safe to use. They need to be inspected frequently. Insulated tools are an essential and many tasks require the use of insulated tools. All professionals need to store some handy insulated tools in their tool pouch, which is a sheer necessity.
Insulated hand tools are designed as per international standards, is tested and designed to reduce the chances of accidents if the tool were to make contact with any energized source. It is important to keep the tools clean, dry and free from any surface contaminants, which otherwise can compromise their insulating properties. When required to do so, the tool should be taken out for service to ensure safety.
Safety and Maintenance of Tools
For safe and efficient work performance, using the right tool is quite crucial. A lack of understanding of tools function and safety aspects will contribute to less safe and less productive work ultimately resulting in the wastage of time, effort and energy. Also, improper use of tools can cause accidents and downtime will impact the entire job.
It is also important to adhere to health and safety protocols while handling gadgets. Protecting oneself is vital e.g. wearing eye protection gears when using hand tools. Metal chips will disseminate when it is cut or filed. Safety glasses protect the eyes and will prevent serious injuries. Always ensure the cutting tools, knives, cutters, cable cutters, many types of pliers and all other tools required to perform the task are sharp, lubricated and in good working condition.
Always Use High-Quality Tools
For a job to be safer and easier, always ensure to use high-quality tools and investing in them is a blessing in disguise. This makes the professional highly efficient and in case extra leverage is needed, using high-leverage tools such as pliers will ensure more grip than the standard ones.
Tools with moulded handles are softer, offers a more comfortable grip on the outer surface and helps perform the task with ease. A well-designed tool often includes a contoured thumb area for a firmer grip. They may also have colour coded handles for easy identification of the tool. High-quality tools are a pleasure to use. They help you do the job more safely, save time and ensure professional results.
When safe operating procedures are not followed, accidents happen. Be attentive, be flexible and adapt to the changing conditions around you. Keep your head in the game and like the old saying, “Do it right the first time”, simply means using hand tools extremely safely. This accounts for staying up-to-date on the safe practices at the workplace and following safety techniques. Being a professional requires no second chance because they always get it right the first time itself.
Treat your tools with respect and ensure they are maintained well. Always think about tool safety every time you begin a job. You’ll be surprised to see the job being performed safely and effectively.

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