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Online hardware store in Australia

by Tools and Gear on November 17, 2021

Tools and Gears, the sophisticated online hardware store in Australia is all gritty to serve you better and much safer. Caters to the requirements of anyone, anywhere in Australia. The leader in branded electrical products and hand tools, essential for one’s daily tasks and fixes are now made handy through this online store. The supplies are in accordance with the daily needs of any tradesman/industry/sector.


T&G’s vision to partner with the most reputed brands and deliver the best products to client’s at the most affordable prices remains enduringly. Their mission is to ensure quality tools, on-time delivery of products at the client's convenience. Be it industrial, commercial or residential, Tools and Gear have solutions for any sort of task. Since they have the bestselling products in-store, the clients always come back for more and are extremely satisfied. The motto of Tools and Gear is to offer end-to-end solutions with utmost clarity and quality products to almost any sphere like electrical, industries, commercial and residential (craftsman/ handyman’s tools). 

The store firmly believes in the fact that the products they store are genuine and are true in offering the best products to clients relentlessly. Renowned for the quality products they supply, the diverse range comprises the extension drill kit, tradies tool bags, heat shrink tape, CABAC crimpers, leader tablet and much more. A drill extension is a handy tool used for works that include hard to reach places or tight corners. For spaces where a hammer is not feasible for a particular job, this drill bit extension is the most applicable tool that helps save time and effort.

The other most important accessory for storing these handy tools is the tool bag. At T&G there are diverse options for storing these tools that are quite affordable and convenient. Tradesman opts for these bags instead of the toolbox. Since the toolboxes are bulky and large, they are quite uncomfortable during travel. The tools may not be organized depending on the shape and size of the box, not many tools can be accommodated and eventually gets damaged or lost. Whereas a tool bag is handy, versatile, lightweight, portable, convenient, easy to access, can protect small items, heavy-duty, waterproof and water resistant. They are available in various sizes and styles to suit your needs.


The next most selling item in the store is the heat shrink tape which is heat melted adhesive-lined polyolefin tape. It provides excellent bonding to plastic and metal and forms a pressure-tight waterproof seal to most electrical wires and cables. They are available in a wide variety of colors that are used to differentiate wire voltage or phases of the wire. T&G stocks a varied collection of CABAC’s crimpers like the Precision crimpers, Bootlace crimpers, Copper Lug crimpers and much more. They are used to join components or materials by pressing them together and creating a seal or crimp.


T&G the fastest-growing e-commerce platform for all the sophisticated tools and gears are true to their service and operations. The products are economical and delivered safely following safety protocols. The online store has an efficient payment gateway, so the products chosen can be ordered effortlessly. Nonetheless, T&G is the complete store for all varieties of electrical equipment’s, hand tools, safety gears and storage solutions required for every home and office. If you haven’t experienced T&G, then choose and order your tools and feel the difference. It indeed is a handy trustworthy online hardware store in Australia.



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