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ZapGuard® Extension sockets or Power board for office works

$33.60 $58.35
    The brand new ZapGuard® PSZ5U2 Surge Board will protect your home and office electronics from dangerous surges and spikes and is ideal for charging mobiles, laptops and other small USB powered devices.

    Buy ZapGuard® PSZ5U2 Extension sockets at the best price from Tools&Gear. Order your power board multi plugging especially designed for your officeworks.

    It is highly rated to withstand power surges and spikes of up to 1,400 Joules / 40,000 Amps.

    • High surge protection
    • Recessed On/Off Switch
    • Wide spaced socket to allow for plug packs
    • 10A Circuit Breaker
    • 2 x USB Sockets
    • 5 x Surge-protected sockets supply complete, 3 line AC protection
    • $40,000 Connected Equipment Warranty – terms and conditions apply.
    • Impact and scratch resistant Polycarbonate case
    • Heavy-duty 1.2-meter power cord
    • Wall mountable
    • LED indicator shows that your wiring is properly earthed and protection is active and available

    Nominal Voltage / Frequency 240 Vac / 50 Hz
    Maximum Current 10 Amp breaker
    Maximum Power 2400 Watts
    Protection Mode 700 Joules (L-N), 350 Joules (L-E), 350 Joules (N-E)
    Maximum Surge Current 40,000 Amps
    Maximum Surge Energy 1,494 Joules
    Typical Response Time < 1 nS (instantaneous)
    USB Charging Current 3.1 Amps
    Dimensions (mm) 430 (L) x 35 (H) x 66 (W)



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