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Buy Tradesman's Multi-Purpose Waist Pouch | Buy Cabac tools online in Australia | Tools and Gear
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Cabac Tradesman's Waist Pouch

    • Reinforced for strength and padded for comfort

    • Hardwearing nylon belt has durable plastic buckles

    • Special hangers for hammer, insulation tape and measuring tape

    • Removable pouches

    Tradesman's All Purpose Waist Pouch
    Reinforced for strength and padded for comfort. This hard-wearing nylon belt has durable plastic buckles for maximum support and the hook and loop pre-attachment makes it secure.
    Tradesman's All Purpose Waist Pouch Features
    • Specialised hangers for: Insulation tape, Measuring tape and Hammer
    • Pouches are removable and can be repositioned easily and firmly
    • Pouches are looped through the belt and further fixed with hook and loop grip fastener
    • After a hard days work it can be hung up by its metal hanger
    • Length: 1020mm




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