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8000 A Zyklop Speed Ratchet with 1/4″ drive

1/4 inch square sockets and 1/4 inch adaptors

Belden BNC Compression Tool DB59 DB6

Suits Belden BNC Compression Connectors for RG6 and

Belden Premium 110 Punch Down Tool


Cabac 2/2X Cable Stripper 4.8-7.5MM

Ideal for common COAX cable type e.g. TV

Cabac Armoured Cable Cutter cut 3 x 120mm2

A compact cutter designed for annealed Copper and

Cabac Auger Bit Length 200MM 14-20MM

AUGER BITS High quality with a screw threaded

Cabac Auger Bit Set 16,20,25MM

AUGER BIT SET 16,20,25 MM High quality with

Cabac Auger Bits 450MM Length 16-18 MM

AUGER BITS  450MM LENGTH High quality with a

Cabac Auger Bits 600MM Length 19-32 MM

AUGER BITS 600MM LENGTH High quality with a

Cabac Auto Ignition Butane Powered Pro Torch

Ideal for industrial applications - nominal flame temperature

Cabac Bootlace Crimper / Stripper / Cutter

Designed to cut, strip and crimp bootlace ferrules

Cabac Bootlace Crimper 0.5-16.0MM² Low Cost

A low cost tool with a huge crimp

Cabac Bootlace Crimper 0.5-2.5MM² Plier Style

A low cost manual plier type crimper for

Cabac Bootlace Crimper 16-35mm sq

Designed to crimp the large end of the

Cabac Box of 105 Bits

Ultra handy compact set of cordless style bits

Cabac Budget BNC Coax Crimper For RG58/59

Crimps RG6, RG58 and RG59/62 Has position for

Cabac Butane Powered Soldering Iron 30-125W

Portable model multi-function heat tool equivalent to a

Cabac Butane Powered Soldering Iron 30-125W (Kit Version)

Portable model multi-function heat tool kit equivalent to

Cabac Cable Cutter 10.5MM O.D.

Cable cutting for Copper cables - do not

Cabac Cable Cutter Double Action – Up to 185MM²

Small low cost cable cutter Designed to cut