Cabac Butane Powered Soldering Iron 30-125W

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  • Portable model multi-function heat tool equivalent to a power range from 30W-125W
  • Cordless, simple and safe to use under any conditions
  • Ready to use 15 seconds after ignition

7 in stock

GTIN: 9318674778134
Brand: CABAC

Butane Powered Soldering Iron 30-125W

The Butane Powered Soldering Iron is an automatic lighting portable model multi-function heat tool equivalent to a power range from 30-125W.

Cordless, simple & safe to operate under any conditions, anywhere, this tool is ready to use 15 seconds after ignition.

Applications include:
• Electrical components
• Field repairs
• Maintain switch panels
• Repair television sets, meters, switch boards
• Sensitive IC boards
• Heatshrink tubing
• Silver solder
• Solder circuit boards
• Environmental splicing

Butane Powered Soldering Iron 30-125W Features
• Tank contains fuel for 30 minutes of operation
• No electrical interference
• Comes with soldering tip and protective cap
• Soldering iron tips are shaped from a copper bar, then coated with protective iron plating
• Thick coating for improved durability – good conductivity for more efficient thermal recovery
• Butane powered with removable refillable LEC (Liquid Energy Cell)

Technical Data

Length with Cap 275mm
Length with Soldering Tip 263mm
Weight (when gas filled) 240g Approximate
Soldering tip 250~550°C
Torch 1300°C
Gas Container Capacity 20ml
Operating Time 30min (one gas filling) as mid setting


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