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Cabac Die-less Bootlace Crimper 0.25-6.0MM²

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  • A ferrule crimper with a unique crimp action – self adjusting with 6 pressure adjustments
  • Serrated crimp surface creating an enhanced grip
  • Ensure that tool is well oiled for correct operation
Brand: CABAC

Die-less Bootlace Crimper 0.25-6.0MM²

The HNKE9 Boot Lace Terminal crimper has a unique crimp action, which automatically crimps a range of terminals from 0.25-6.0mm².

Simply insert the wire and ferrule and squeeze the handles, and the tool self adjusts and crimps.

The crimp surface is ‘serrated’ by the tool, creating an enhanced grip. The tool is ratchet controlled for crimp consistency, and has six pressure adjustments.

Technical Data
Length: 170 mm
Weight: 400 g

Weight 0.5 kg


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