Wera 073599 Multicolor Ball End Torx + Security Torx L-key Clip Set

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SKU: WERA073599


  • Colour-coding and size marking for quick identification
  • Magnetizer/Demagnetizer built into the holder
  • For Torx screws and Security Torx screws with pin

5 in stock

GTIN: 4013288170125
Brand: WERA
  • Ball-end for angled access to screws
  • High quality blades for long service life
  • Coloured sleeves for quick selection
  • Sleeves give more comfort and are impervious to all workshop fluids
  • Contents- Tamperproof Torx – T10
  • The following sizes are included:
    TX 8 x 76mm*, TX 9 x 79mm*, TX10 x 85mm^, TX 15 x 90mm, TX 20 x 96mm, TX 25 x 104mm, TX 27 x 112mm, TX 30 x 122mm, TX 40 x 132mm
Weight 1 kg
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