Cabac Copper Lugs Crimper 6-50mm² Hexagonal

Product Descriptions
  • Hexagonal Copper lug crimper with range from 6-50mm2
  • Self contained rotating dies cannot be misplaced
  • Over centre action to ensure complete crimp
  • Spare die set also available
  • Pressure range 4-13kg

Copper Cabac Lugs

Tools and Gear offers Cabac Lugs that are equipped with the best electrical properties to provide an impressive outcome. Our product possesses the ability to withstand high operating temperature and is manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality. If you are looking for equipment to enhance the efficiency of your process, we have the best in store for you.

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Copper Lugs Crimper 6-50mm² Hexagonal

Hexagonal copper lug crimper with crimp range 6-50mm². Dies are self-contained and rotating, so they cannot be misplaced. The tool has an over-centre action to ensure complete crimp.

For electrical connections

Technical Data
Length: 390mm
Weight: 1.3kg
Pressure range: 4-13kg

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