Cabac Die-less Bootlace Ferrule Crimper 0.08-10MM²

Product Descriptions
  • A ferrule crimper with a unique crimp action – self adjusting with 9 pressure adjustments
  • Serrated crimp surface creating an enhanced grip
  • Ensure that tool is well oiled for correct operation

Die-less Bootlace Ferrule Crimper 0.08-10MM²

The HNKE10 tool is the mid range tool in the die-less tool range, covering 0.75to 10mm².

The principal of the tool is that it has four faces that simultaneously move inward as the tool is closed, creating a square crimped pin with serrations. This action creates a self adjusting tool, which crimps over a large range.

To crimp, simply insert the ferrule and squeeze the handles, and the tool does the rest. The tool is ratchet controlled for crimp consistency, and the ratchet has 9 adjustment positions, to compensate for tool wear.

NOTE: Please ensure this tool is well oiled to ensure correct operation.

Technical Data
Length: 170mm
Weight: 360g

sku: HNKE10

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