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 Buy Cabac Die-less Bootlace Ferrule Crimper | Buy Cabac tools online in Australia | Tools and Gear
  • SKU: HNKE11

Cabac Die-less Bootlace Ferrule Crimper

$131.70 $168.58
    • A ferrule crimper with a unique crimp action – self adjusting with 6 pressure adjustments
    • Serrated crimp surface creating an enhanced grip
    • Ensure that tool is well oiled for correct operation

    Die- Less Bootlace Ferrule Crimper 4MM -16MM²

    The HNKE11 tool is a large tool in the die-less tool range covering 4 to16mm².

    The principal of the tool is that it has four faces that simultaneously move inward as the tool is closed, creating a square crimped pin with serrations. These serrations assist with the grip of the pin in the terminal blocks.

    Bootlace Crimper Features
    • Self adjusting tool enables crimp over large range
    • Ratchet controlled for crimp consistency
    • 6 adjustment positions

    Technical Data
    Length: 210mm
    Weight: 520g




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