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  • SKU: RJ86

Cabac Economy Precision Crimper RJ12/RJ46

$65.10 $91.12
    • Tool for 6 way (RJ12) and 8 way (RJ45) modular plugs
    • Includes a cutter and outer sheath stripper
    • User friendly, ergonomic design


    RJ12/Rj45 Crimper

    Looking for a high-quality crimp tool with superior accuracy?
    Tools and Gear offers a huge selection of crimping tools that are specifically designed to offer the perfect crimp every time. Easy-to-use and durable, our selection of high-precision RJ45 crimper ensures an impressive outcome. Equipped with advanced features, our tools are convenient to use and built to last.
    At Tools and Gear, we offer versatile products of the highest standards at competitive prices. If you choose to buy a crimp tool from our online platform, be sure of receiving the best in terms of quality and price. Make the process of crimping effortless with our range of products.

    -Economy Precision Crimper RJ12/RJ45
    -Use on 6 way (RJ12) and 8 way (RJ45) modular plugs.
    -Includes a cutter and outer sheath stripper.

    Know more about our RJ45 crimper

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