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Cabac Gas Torch & Soldering Iron Kit  online | Buy Cabac tools online in Australia | Toolsandgear ToolsandGear
  • SKU: GT700K

Cabac Gas Torch & Soldering Iron Kit

$115.60 $149.82
    • Low cost quality gas torch and soldering iron kit
    • Packed in a sturdy plastic box with a roll of solder
    • Supplied with a tip wiping pad and full instructions

    Gas Torch & Soldering Iron Kit 30W-70W

    The Gas Torch and Soldering Iron  kit contains the most commonly used torch fittings.

    Gas Torch & Soldering Iron Kit Features
    • Conventional solder tip 1mm
    Hot knife tip
    Heat blowing tip
    Blow torch

    The kit is supplied in a robust plastic box,with a roll of solder, tip wiping pad and includes full instructions for use.

    Technical Data
    Size: (L) 215 x (W) 100 x H) 35mm
    Weight: 265g
    Approx. Tip Temperature: 210°C to 400°C
    Torch Temperature: 1300°C
    Gas Container Capacity: 12ml




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