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Cabac Micro Flameless Heat Gun 650°C  | Buy Cabac tools online in Australia | Tools and Gear
  • SKU: GT650

Cabac Micro Flameless Heat Gun 650°C

$46.60 $69.56
    • A handy unit based around a refillable cigarette lighter
    • Professionally built for the serious user
    • Max temperature of 650 Degrees Celsius flameless heat
    • Lighter not included

    Micro Flameless Heat Gun 650°C

    The Micro Flameless Heat Gun is a handy unit based around a refillable cigarette lighter.

    It is professionally built for the serious user.

    Heat Gun Features
    • Maximum temperature: 650°C flameless heat
    • Self-contained piezo electronic ignition system
    • Uses standard butane lighter fuel, in a refillable lighter

    Applications include shrinking heat-shrink, general heating and drying, household repairs, bending PVC etc.

    NOTE: Do not store in environments above 50°C if filled with Butane Gas

    Technical Data
    • Height: 110mm
    • Weight: 140g