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Cabac Screwdriver Set

$37.10 $58.55
    • Fully insulated shafts designed, tested and compliant to VDE, GS and EN/IEC60900 standard for full 1000V protection
    • Soft grip and sturdy handles
    • Blade made from high grade alloy steel
    • Can be purchased individually or as a set

    Screwdriver Set 1000V 8 Piece

    This eight piece set contains the most common drivers and an electrical test screwdriver.

    Screwdriver Set 1000V Features
    • Handles made from two materials, which provides a soft grip, with a sturdy handle
    • Blade is made from high grade alloy steel
    • Range can be purchased individually or in sets

    Safety Compliance
    Designed, tested and compliant to VDE, GS and the EN/IEC60900 standard for full 1000V protection. The test process for these screwdrivers is a 10,000V immersion test in a water bath as part of the manufacturing process. At this voltage there must be insignificant current leakage, or tracking.

    Kit Contains:
    Slotted screwdriver - 3.5 x 75mm
    Slotted screwdriver - 4.0 x 100mm
    Slotted screwdriver - 5.5 x 125mm
    Slotted screwdriver - 6.5 x 150mm
    Phillips screwdriver - #0 x 75mm
    Phillips screwdriver - #1 x 80mm
    Phillips screwdriver - #2 x 100mm
    Electrical Test Screwdriver 120-250V - 140mm




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