CABPRO PVC Tape 2710 18mm x 20m 10 per pack

Product Descriptions
  • Flame Retardant, Weather Resistant, Lead Free PVC Tape
  • Resistant Oils, Acids,Chemicals and Alkalies
  • Operating Temp 0 – 80 Deg C rated to 600v
  • Listed UL 510, CSA 2.2, VDE
  • Available in Black,Blue,Green,Red,White,Yellow,Rainbow & Yellow/Green

CABPRO PVC Tape 2710  18mm x 20m

Available in Black,Blue,Green,Red,White,Yellow,Rainbow & Yellow/Green

Rainbow - 1 each of all colours

The CABPRO 2710 is a 0.18mm professional grade, weather resistant, pressure sensitive vinyl tape for all kinds of mechanical and electrical applications. CABPRO 2710 is flame retardant and can be used as primary insulation for splices up to 600 volts. UL 510, CSA 22.2 Lead-free.

Recommended uses:
Used for general splicing purposes. Can be used as primary insulation for splices up to 600 volts and provides a protective outer jacket for splices at higher voltages. Can be used for wrapping wire harnesses and insulating degaussing coils. Colours can be used for colour coding electrical circuits.

CABPRO 2710 Features
• 0.18mm thickness
• Flame retardant
• Lead-free
• Resistant to sun, water,oil,acids, alkalies, corrosive chemicals

Ordering Information

Part No. Description
T030050BK CABPRO PVC Tape 2710 Black 18mm x 20m
T030051BL CABPRO PVC Tape 2710 Blue 18mm x 20m
T030052G CABPRO PVC Tape 2710 Green 18mm x 20m
T030053RD CABPRO PVC Tape 2710 Red 18mm x 20m
T030054WH CABPRO PVC Tape 2710 White 18mm x 20m
T030055YL CABPRO PVC Tape 2710 Yellow 18mm x 20m
T030056RBW CABPRO PVC Tape 2710 Rainbow18mm x 20m 10 Pack
T030205YG CABPRO PVC Tape 2710 Yellow/Green 18mm x 20m


sku: T030205YG

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