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Product Descriptions

Designed to supply back up power to home PC or small office environment
Cold start function
Short circuit and overload protection
600VA rated

Hypertec Stand Alone UPS 600VA

A Hypertec Stand Alone UPS will protect your valuable equipment such as PC's, workstations, switches, routers, PABX, fax machines and a range of other hardware against data loss and voltage surges.

The UPS is easy to set up and the monitoring software supports all popular Windows and Linux Operating Systems.

Standards Compliance
AS62040 with Australian Approved Mains Power Sockets.

• Easy setup Monitor Software supports all popular Windows and Linux Operating Systems.
• Hypertec Stand Alone UPS Includes: User Manual, Mains Power Cable, and UPS to Computer USB cable, RJ11 Phone/Fax Cable and Monitor Software on CD.

• UPS - 2 years
• Replacement battery and battery in UPS - 6 months

Ordering Information

Part No.Description

SBUPS600VAHypertec Stand Alone UPS 600VA

SBUPS1000VAHypertec Stand Alone UPS 1000VA

SBUPS1500VAHypertec Stand Alone UPS 1500VA

sku: SBUPS600VA

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