ROOFlok™ Temporary Roof Anchor Point

Product Descriptions
  • Suitable for corrugated iron or tile roofing
  • Full range of motion retained
  • Quick installation

ROOFlok™ Temporary Roof Anchor Point

Light and compact, Ferno’s ROOFlok is the perfect temporary anchor system for moving from job to job. Each ROOFlok takes under 5 minutes to install and is fitted with ANCHORsafe, a 360deg swivel attachment that allows uninterrupted work access. It will also absorb shock load during a fall.

ROOFlok™ Features
• Supplied with ANCHORsafe Shock Limiter
• Swivels 360 degree for uninterrupted access
• Absorbs the shock load in the event of a fall
• Easy to attach using supplied screws and fabloks
• Can be moved from job to job
• Lightweight and compact
• Stainless steel construction for durability
• Rated at 15kN 'Fall Arrest' for single person use
• Meets the requirements of AS/NZS1891.4
• Easily installed using standard drill bits and drivers (no riveting tools required)

sku: 17-FWWRF

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