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WERA 7400 0.3-1.2Nm Adjustable Torque Screwdriver

Product Descriptions


  • Features Wera quick-release chuck with single-hand technology, 1/4 in. bit
  • Easy torque adjustment without special tools

Wera Kraftform 7440 Torque Screwdriver, Hexagon 1/4" Bit

Wera Series 7400 Kraftform Adjustable Torque Screwdriver set is designed for torque controlled tightening to guarantee the safety of the screw connection. Torque can easily be set to the required scale value by hand without special tools. Measurement accuracy is +/- 6% in accordance with standard EN ISO 6789.

Wera torque tools have unlimited loosening torque to loosen seized screws. All Wera hand tools feature the trademarked ergonomic Kraftform handle, with hard and soft zones, that fits the shape to the hand for the ultimate in comfort and high-speed torque transfer. Adjustable torque screwdrivers feature the Rapidaptor bitholder with quick-release chuck that allows for speedy one-handed bit insertion and removal for insert and power bits. Range 0.3-1.2 nm. Calibration certificate included.

Features Wera quick-release chuck with single-hand technology, 1/4" bit

Manufacturer Part #: 05074700001

sku: WERA074700

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