Wera Bit-Check BiTorsion Diamond PZ, PH, SL Set of 7 Carded

Product Descriptions
  • Easily inserted and self-locking bits

  • No extra tools needed to remove bits

  • Even small sizes can be changed easily

The Wera 7 Piece BiTorsion Diamond Coated Bit-Check Set contains 7 PZ, PH, SL BiTorsion Diamond Bits (BDC) significantly extend service life and prevent cam-out. Microscopic diamond particles literally 'bite' into screwheads, preventing slips. The two unique Torsion zones, one in the bit and one in the holder, work together to absorb peak loads placed on the bit, extending bit service life.

Diamond bits are also hardened to a higher degree than standard bits, extending life further. Unique Rapidaptor bit holder locking system, for quick and easy one-hand bit change, standard 1/4in hexagon drive.


1 x 1/4in 897/4 R Rapidaptor BiTorsion Universal Bit Holder 75mm.

2 x 25mm 851/1 BDC Phillips Screwdriving Bits: PH1, PH2.

2 x 25mm 855/1 BDC Pozi Screwdriving Bits: PZ1, PZ2.

2 x 25mm 800/1 BDC Slotted Screwdriving Bits: 5.5mm (Thickness 1mm), 6.5mm (Thickness 1.2mm).

Comes with

- Rapidapto bit adaptor
- 25mm Slotted bits : 1x5.5mm, 1.2x6.5mm
- 25mm Phillips slotted bits : PH1, PH2
- 25mm Pozi bits : PZ1, PZ2

sku: WERA056370

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